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2011/03 – Tragedy in Japan

13 Mar

  Mt. Fuji – Jan. 2009 March 2011 I am following the nightmarish tragedy in Japan and the horrible devastation both the earthquake and Tsunami have brought to that country. Having friends in Japan, their well-being is of great importance. My thoughts and prayers go out to Japan and all people affected by this great disaster. So I Read more…

2009/01 – Nagoya – New Year’s Eve with Maru-san, the Natural Born Genius

6 Jan

  Into the New Year with Maru-san at Havana Club – Nagoya/Japan Akemashite Omedeto gozaimas  / Happy New Year ! The Year of the Ox has started Januar 2009 A very sincere and personal Akemashite Omedeto gozaimas & Domo Arigato gozaimas  to my friend Maruyama-san in Nagoya and to Kawashima-san in Tokyo !! Um es vorweg zu Read more…