2011/03 – Tragedy in Japan

13 Mar


mt fuji 2009
Mt. Fuji – Jan. 2009

March 2011

I am following the nightmarish tragedy in Japan and the horrible devastation both the earthquake and Tsunami have brought to that country.

Having friends in Japan, their well-being is of great importance.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Japan and all people affected by this great disaster.

So I am happy to start receiving mails yesterday.

Early this morning I received another mail from my friend Nobuhiro Nakamura.

Naka-san sends a message to all his friends to say he and his loved ones are OK, that he has the basic necessities such as gas, water and electricity, that the disaster is only comparable to the 1945 bombing of Tokyo or the 1923 great Kanto earthquake but that there is no name for it.
That he is missing an important friend in Sendai and that the music he is listening to is a homage, the title being “Two Eyes”, one eye for current situation. Another one for future. Our eyes are not for the past.
“Two Eyes” ‘s real title is “Visions de l’Amen” by Olivier Messiaen, played by K&M Labeque – His favorite recording is by Peter Serkin & Yuji Takahashi.


He hopes to return to Cuba this year on April 17, an important day because of Don Alejandro Robaina.

See : www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pr8Bt0gOIzc


Naka-san wants this message to reach his friends, so posted on my site at his request and with his explicit permission.


naka 01
La Habana Febr. 2011
naka 02
La Habana Febr. 2011
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