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Havana – Adrian And Andres

22 Mar

  While in Havana I was able to meet and share a fantastic time with two fellow northern Spaniards who are old Cuba hands and frequent visitors there as well. Adrian and Andres are both serious collectors – well, Andres is a very serious collector as can be seen from this TV report on his Read more…

Havana – Dinner At La Guarida

19 Mar

  I am very grateful to Stephan for arranging this fantastic dinner, to John for organizing it and for their invitation to join their group at this very hard to get-in Paladar which I still consider to be number one in Cuba. So much I enjoy the place that we arrived more than an hour Read more…

Havana – New Anillas And Other Beauties

18 Mar

  While I have to thank my friend Adrian for the printing of the bands – he organized it in northern Spain and brought the bands over to Havana – I am also very thankful to Andres, another northerner who kindly let us use his existing printing design on our anillas. I put some of Read more…