Havana – Adrian And Andres

22 Mar


nfc capWhile in Havana I was able to meet and share a fantastic time with two fellow northern Spaniards who are old Cuba hands and frequent visitors there as well.

Adrian and Andres are both serious collectors – well, Andres is a very serious collector as can be seen from this TV report on his walk-in humidor and the private kitchen he has for friends :


Both took time with Frank and me, sharing a long lunches, among them a remarkable 4 h lunch at Centro Asturiano on Prado, and a private garden party at Espacios in Miramar.

I am specially grateful to both of them for their assistance and help on getting my new Anillas – Andres providing the design from his own bands and Adrian bringing them over from the Spanish printers.

Muchas Gracias Adrian y Andres por compartir con mi amigo Frank y conmigo asi como por vuestra amistad y generosidad en La Habana !

Fue un placer conoceros y fumar juntos – hasta muy pronto, alli o aqui en la Farmacia.


One Response to “Havana – Adrian And Andres”

  1. Frank 22/03/2013 at 16:25 #

    Muchas Gracias Adrian y Andres por vuestra amistad y generosidad en La Habana !

    Frank (de Belgica)