ANS – Retro Jerseys, Lamb And Coppola

25 Sep


nfc capAnother fine evening at the pharmacy yesterday.

Ute visited for the second time and she brought along spicy home-made lamb meatballs that were delicious. Thanks !!

She also took over the camera and snapped some great shots as well.

Like when I was surprised by Andreas with a 50’s retro jersey of the Spanish national football team – I loved it !!

We had a few bottles of Coppola Merlot that was quite dense and deep, I forgot whether we opened the Tempranillo bottle from Madrid ( interesting wine region ) that Ute also brought along.

Cigars were quite good except for a large Cain that I put to rest after 5 boring minutes of crap hot air.

Good old times with the “W√∂rrstadt Medical Services” in attendance.

Life’s good.

Next stop is Switzerland …



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