Partagas Humidors Nov. 2014

5 Dec


nfc capI’ll start my posts with a gallery of the special humidors that were shown during the 27-th Encuentro de Amigos de Partagas in Nov. 2014.

We happened to be smoking a cigar at the Casa Partagas when the humidors arrived and Grecia, Hamlet and Angel Miranda were so kind to unpack them and let us have a peek before they were transferred to the showroom.

An absurd situation is that it is hard to find cigars to fill these humidors right now in Havana. Most of the cigars are exported and very little quantities are found on the shelves of the Casas.

Many complaints are heard about this situation, ranging from bad 2014 harvest to lack of wrapper to the export of the few cigars made to foreign markets.

Factories were rumoured to close for December and January, which will not better the current lack of cigars.

Some Casas are planning on making markedly less special humidors for the 2015 Festival due to the fact that they can’t fill them with cigars …

In any case, some beautiful humidors to be seen here.


One Response to “Partagas Humidors Nov. 2014”

  1. Keith 14/12/2014 at 06:58 #

    We got to see some of those during the Sunday, I think it was, when we popped in there to see Hamlet and buy our opening dinner tickets.

    That Hemingway one, and the Pinar farm one, were really wonderful pieces and just stand out from the crowd, so to speak. Gorgeous pieces of modern art.