Havana – Opening Night Of The Festival At El Morro

24 Mar


nfc capI wouldn’t go as far as to comment that it was a great and expensive opportunity to feel important and shake hands with all the important players while supporting Cubans with a good dinner … but the comment comes to my mind.

Great photo op too.

From the drive into El Morro in an old and battered Moksvitch reeking of bad diesel and stuttering its way through the tunnel while looking out a shattered front window to the stunning view of Havana harbour and the Malecon from atop the fortress.

A pleasant moment was meeting Barry, a fan of my blog, and talking to him amid the crowd.

Frank and I considered ourselves happy to have had a good lunch and not needing anything to eat as all we saw were long lines and Cuban groupies helping themselves.

No problem with that, just annoying to be barked at by the clowns playing soldiers while they were eating away happily from the buffet before dinner had started.

We strolled around and found a quiet, wind-still corner to smoke our cigars and a nice waitress for our Cubatas while meeting and greeting our friends and the many usual suspects.

I thought Frank would be overwhelmed by the event. Nope. He enjoyed the cannons though.

In the end we looked at each other and agreed that those had been very expensive Cubatas.


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