Havana – November 2013 Moments, Meals And Cigars Part 2

4 Dec


nfc capThe only memorable thing about the half day spent in Varadero waiting for Andreas to land there was the great lunch served by my friend chef Lazaro at Paladar Salsa Suarez and the 2 hrs spent chilling at the roof terrace of Villa Xanadu later.

All dishes at Salsa Suarez were magnificent, the octopus salad delicious in texture and the lobster and shrimp masas with Camembert truly memorable.

I am really sorry Lazaro did not find a place for himself in Havana with his great passion for food but family ties are stronger than making it in the big city.

He is the only reason to visit Varadero again and I look forward to next year when I’ll have the chance to eat there again before heading for the airport and a flight out.

With Andreas on board it was back to sightseeing in Havana, from the Nacional to all the pharmacies, both the museum pieces and the regular ones. He enjoyed all of it it.

Rob Fox of JJ Fox was very generous in arranging for a tasting of the LFC ER UK at our Casa in Vedado for the group and that was a special high point in our trip. Thank You Rob !!

Another “below the radar” place getting rave reviews is Sergio’s Paladar, an intimate tiny place next to Parque Monte Barreto where we had the most succulent Gambas and freshly made Pasta. I am happy it is around the corner from my regular Casa in Miramar and pretty sure Frank and I will frequently be found there next trip.

First appearances can be deceiving and I admit that I was at first sceptical of the touristy flair at Ivan Justo’s – but it was certainly one of the best dinners this trip hands down. Their suckling pig was second to none, the lobster tremendous – highly recommended !

Specially warming was having some close Cuban friends sharing the evening with us.

Visiting Jose Ernesto Aguilera’s humidor factory I saw that the “Terminator” humidor has been finished and moved into the show-room.

Amazing artist, impressive work, love his success story.


2 Responses to “Havana – November 2013 Moments, Meals And Cigars Part 2”

  1. Frank 04/12/2013 at 13:05 #

    Ich bekomme jetzt schon Hunger. Dort wirden wir bestimmt essen gehen.

    Mann sieht es Andreas an das er richtig Spass hatte auf Kuba.

    sehr schön

    • Nino Munoz 04/12/2013 at 17:31 #

      Wie, Hunger, Du ??

      Wo hast Du denn ein Foto mit Fritten gesehen …. 🙂

      No worries, wir werden gut essen, mein lieber.