Havana – November 2013 Moments, Meals And Cigars Part 1

30 Nov


nfc capBack from a few weeks in Havana and the Vuelta Abajo where I met the Canadian friends there for the Partagas Encuentro and we had a cigar filled time.

It was fun as always but also quite a busy time as I took friends there who had not been to Cuba before and showed them around.

Some pictures here of memorable moments, meals and cigars enjoyed on this trip.

We tried the ERDM Infantes ER Cuba at Reynaldo’s which disappointed me personally as it was a pallid cigar with little life in it.

Monsdales were perfect, as always and it was a pleasure to see Leo and Jorgito again – and meet Nakamura there on his bicycle …

A fine dinner was had with Naka at El Templete, still one of the best places for seafood and Tapas.

Another great place that keeps up the high standard is Centro Asturiano at Prado 309. Funny sighting a fat pig being kept on the top floor of a house across the Prado ( assume they are feeding it for a X-Mas feast ) while having great pork chops served on Real Madrid china.

A box of Punch Black Prince from ’03 was found and smoked, a fantastic cigar.

Through Vitaliy we were invited to visit El Laguito and had a chat with the very friendly director Mr Martinez before taking a tour of the factory.

Again at El Templete a hearty Marmitako tuna stew lunch helped against the Mulata hang-over and the rain. It was a special order as very few potatoes were left in the kitchen.

A memorable dinner was held with Cuban friends at their home and the 30 lb piece of pork was succulent and soft as butter after being cooked for half a day.

Another private lunch was on the roof terrace of a Russian friend living in Cuba for decades.

Meeting Caridad and Georgina at the Chinese society was a great pleasure and there will be an extended post on those visits shortly.

Zoe held an event at the Saratoga for female journalists and while I met singer Raul Paz there, I missed his performance, which I regret.

Will be continued …


2 Responses to “Havana – November 2013 Moments, Meals And Cigars Part 1”

  1. Tony 30/11/2013 at 23:06 #

    Great round up of the trip Nino! Missed bring there this year – hopefully see you soon amigo!

  2. Oliver 01/12/2013 at 02:30 #

    Hey, Nino,

    Great pictures as always.
    For me the best are the pig ones.

    The package hasn’t arrived so far but all my boxes are taking more than usual so I guess in the next days it will arrive.