Havana May 2016 – Restaurante El Carbon By Ivan Justo

24 Jun

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I am a great fan of Ivan Justo and his great cuisine and paladarĀ  – the original one on Aguacate opposite the Revolution museum and a solid favourite of mine and many of my friends. We have had some spectacular dinners there – last was with my Canadian friends Paul, Carmen and Simon in March ….

During that last trip I heard he had opened a new paladar right next to the first one, one dedicated to grilled food and BBQ, aptly named El Carbon. I had no chance to visit El Carbon and wanted to do so.

This trip I had the chance and took my friends to El Carbon – Ivan was there and it was nice to see him and his success as the place was packed to capacity.

The atmosphere is fantastic. A large open place, very nicely decorated and radiating a Cuban old fashioned style. Just like the original place next door. Pleasant to the eye.

Service was excellent as usual, very friendly, attentive and professional.

Sadly the food was not up to the standard I have experienced at Ivan Justo’s. The servings of suckling pig were half the standard portion served before and the lobster had a, let’s say, … funny taste and was not fully consumed. The starter mixed grilled plate of pork and sausages was delicious.

And of course the Tres Leches dessert ( now called Cuatro Leches for whatever reason ) was delicious as always – so delicious in fact that I’d return and have just the dessert to go a few times …

I sure hope the quality improves to former standards or I will remain a fan of …. the dessert only.


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