Havana March 2019 – Hole In The Wall – Paladar Destino, Miramar

30 Mar

I commonly name the Havana Paladar/Restaurant section of my Blog “Hole In The Wall” as that is what most, if not all of the places I find to have good to excellent food there are.

Delightfully small, hidden, privately run places out of the tourist circus.

This last trip in March I found a decidedly up-scale place called Destino in Miramar  on a par with La Foresta near Pabexpo  that was excellent in every aspect : Location, setting, open air, cigar lounge corner, peaceful excellent food and affordable prices.

After a superb dinner we all wondered why only two other tables out of ca. 25-30 were occupied and agreed it must be due to the imposing modern gated mansion that resembles more an embassy or state office than a Paladar.

Destino offers a large elegant A/C dining room a more informal covered Patio and garden plus a cigar lounge corner with a fully stocked bar.

All of it very modern and tastefully decorated.

Set in the garden is a large BBQ/Grill and, as we had Beef for main courses, John observed how good it was to watch the cooks at work.

The starters were fresh and tasteful – Garlic Shrimps, Malanga fritters, stuffed peppers, fried chickpeas with Chorizo and superb Fish, Prawn and Lobster Ceviche.

Jaime had recommended the Beef as being very good ( a rarity in Cuba ) and we had Chateaubriand and Filet Mignon for main courses.

Be forewarned that the Chateaubriand is enormous and can easily feed three people. It comes with French fries, another rarity in Cuba.

Dessert was me receiving an honorary membership in the Chinese Cigar Association … 🙂

Thank you Jaime and Ziqui !

The service was good and prices are on the lower side, comparable or lower than similar Paladares.

We enjoyed the garden setting – it was the perfect dinner on our last night in Havana. I am certain to go back, I very much liked the peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

What amazed me is that it has been open for 3 years now and I had missed it so far.

Like others I might have mistaken the mansion for an embassy ….




Calle 18 # 305 entre 3ra y 5ta Avenida

Miramar – Havana

Ph : 7205 4099


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