Havana – JJ Fox And Other Cigar Events

24 Mar

Both John and I did not fly to Havana for any of the official Festival events but were quite happy to attend private events organized by friends from all over the world visiting Havana at the time.

We were happy to meet many good friends at Keith’s & Luke’s party with the Stagnettos, Andy Ryan, John de Costa. Magali, Manolo and a bunch of good people. Same at the Hotel Nacional get together meeting James, Yannick, Naka, Olav, Mike, Nikki, the Portmann’s ….

That is the essence of being in Havana during the Festival – meeting friends.

The highlight was attending the JJ Fox party at la Guarida. A great bunch of people, fantastic location and with Rob, Stuart and Yiorgos being the best imaginable hosts.

It was an event dedicated to David McGrane who received cheers and standing ovations for his many decades of dedicated service to the cigar world. Hope to see him in the pharmacy again smoking with us now that he has the time …

Besides these highlights it was meeting many friends all over the usual lounges and places in Havana and sharing cigars and a good time as always. From the Partagas lounge to Yolanda and Alex at Melia Habana, Jorgito’s at Club Habana or Reynaldo’s at Conde de Villanueva.



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  1. Bill 11/04/2017 at 17:08 #

    Great to see so many friends enjoying each others company in Havana, thanks for publishing all these pictures.