Havana Cuba February March 2017 – Picture Gallery Three

21 Mar

Even after visiting for almost 15 years, there are always new experiences when travelling to Cuba. Never a dull moment in the island.

These last three weeks were exhausting, even without attending anything official at the Festival, but then again they were exhilarating and extremely interesting.

Having Justin and then John along for a good time, meeting old friends and making new ones, watching David’s farewell with the Fox’ brothers,

visiting Jose Ernesto once again, meeting and smoking with the “Cinco Heroes” and sharing their kind hospitality, tasting Ziqui’s own Chinese cigars dedicated to MRN with the Chinese Ambassador, meeting Rick’s good friend Vicente now posted to Havana, catching up again with Hector Luis and celebrating his latest excellent tobacco harvest, watching Reynaldo “re-appear”, sharing time with all my Cuban friends – it was a perfect three weeks even if it meant little sleep and lots of action.

Here is the third and final picture gallery of three fun and cigar filled weeks – more detailed posts will follow.


4 Responses to “Havana Cuba February March 2017 – Picture Gallery Three”

  1. Javier 22/03/2017 at 04:28 #

    Hello Nino!
    Pictures show you had quite some fun!!
    Nino, three questions I want to ask:

    1) What was the best cigar you smoked during this trip?
    2) How was the chinese stick in honor of MRN? (Was it aged?).
    3) Where, in your opinion, is the vega where the best leaf is coming out from? and How is the 2017 crop looking (good, rich or otherwise?).

    Actually, there were four questions haha. Thanks a lot Nino,


    • Nino Munoz 22/03/2017 at 15:33 #

      Hello Javier,

      yes, it was good fun and good times in Havana !

      Best cigar was a custom rolled 109 that I found almost at the end of my visit and again the custom rolled Salomones.
      No, the Chinese cigar was not aged, it was quite fresh, very mild and absolutely pleasant with a great construction. A very good cigar IMHO.
      Certainly San Luis and San Juan, the Vuelta Abajo. Lots of excellent, first class Vegas there like Hector Luis Prieto, Vegas Robaina, Salvador Carvajal, Pancho Cuba and others.
      This year the harvest has been the best in several years, absolutely magnificent crop and all is harvested and stored by now. Look forward to good cigars in 3-4 years time … 🙂

      Pleasure Javier

  2. Javier Paredes 25/04/2017 at 15:14 #

    Nino hello!, i was wondering. I have a friend going to La Habana next month, who rolled the 100 you say was the best of the trip?

    • Javier Paredes 25/04/2017 at 15:15 #

      The 109 sorry! It’s actually my favorite vitola.