Havana 2015 – Reto A La Soledad

15 Mar

nfc capI happened to be visiting El Laguito and was in the office having a conversation when a friend of Jose arrived carrying several signed copies of a book leading the charts at this year’s Feria del Libro book fair at La CabaƱa fortress. Reto a la Soledad or “Challenge to Solitude”.

The excitement and pride of the El Laguito staff members fortunate enough to get their hands on a copy of that book and it being signed by the author was genuine and very emotional to watch.

I informed myself and found out that it was the narrative of Col. Orlando Cardoso who was taken prisoner as a young Lieutenant in Ethiopia/Eritrea being the lone survivor of a bloody ambush and held for 11 years in a Somali prison camp under the most harshest inhumane conditions.

He was eventually released after long negotiations by the Cuban government and returned home to be awarded the title of Hero of the Republic of Cuba .

Being an avid reader, I asked politely and sure enough, a few days later I was presented with a signed copy which I will treasure.

A different piece of history coming out of El Laguito to be shared with a cigar.

Gracias Jose & Gallo !


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