From Big To Small – The Annual Pharmacy Cigar Reunion 2021

9 Aug

Well at least we had Andreas the pharmacist join us for a cigar albeit not in the pharmacy …

Where normally 50-60 friends would have gathered for the annual cigar weekend we were just 4 to 8 like last year, fuck Corona.

John arrived from Scotland on Thursday and we had some fantastic Farm rolled cigars from “La Meca del Tabaco” in Vuelta Abajo rolled by a great roller who was a longtime roller at one of the best tobacco farms in the Vuelta Abajo and that I am very happy to secured a good supply of.

Along with the Edmundo Dantes 15 yr old rum these cigars are unbeatable. Unique in that they are single Vega cigars, all from one of the best Farms and rolled by just one guy.  Uniquely singular !

Friday both Frank arrived from Belgium and Jay from central Germany.

We met for lunch at Café Fritz and Andreas joined us.

It was then off to Worms for coffee and cigars by the Rhine river at Kolbs Biergarten, a very relaxed afternoon.

From there it was back to the Winery B&B Mussel in the village where the guys were staying like last last year to bring out the big guns in single Malt, Farm rolled and regular production cigars and Cuban rum.

Ute and Patricia joined us and Andreas came too with Ute passing P2’2 and Andreas a box of 2003 MC Nr 1 …

For dinner I fried some excellent Chili prawn with scrambled eggs and spicy Spanish Chorizo as an appetizer and then we had really tasty Cordon Bleu from Mario, my local restaurant across the street.

It was a long evening of Malt, rum and cigars until way past midnight …

Saturday we left for Frankfurt after the great breakfast to show the city to Frank as he had never visited it.

Lovely tour and very quiet city and we arrived at Gemaltes Haus in Sachsenhausen where I had booked a table.

Good home-made food and great service, a 1,5 liter “Bembel” full of locally produced cider, the Frankfurt drink, and a perfect H.Upmann Noella for dessert – what more can you ask for … Well, for more tolerant people as we heard three people bitching about our smoke even when we were in the smoking open air area, only in a big city do you find bitchers, never happens to us in my village.

I replied with a very polite grin and a friendly Gaelic “Pog mo thoin”, pronounced pog mo hone. Gaelic for kiss my ass

Sometimes the saying is true : I use my cigar smoke as an idiot repellent….

Back to the village and a perfect iced coffee from the Italian Gelateria in the village square and a cigar – no one complained, the waiter asked us for a cigar and was happy to get a fine aged PLPC from us.

Then back to the hard work of Malts, rum and cigars – with Frank passing out excellent 109 custom rolled sticks that we brought back from Havana in 2019.

Jay had a box of PL Gran Robustos RE, PL Galanes and SLR Herfing RE.

Not bad at all.

The 3 days passed too quickly and it was Sunday and farewell after a good morning cigar.

Times flies when you have a good time in great company.








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