Cuba – Visit To The Farms – Vegas Robaina

27 Mar


nfc capAs every year, the Portmann group wanted to drop by Vegas Robaina, the farm and say hello to Hirochi, now in charge of the most famous wrapper vega.

For me it was an opportunity to go back in time, remember my first visits there without all the hoopla and get to greet an old farmhand again whose face and photograph I have been carrying in my mind ever since a visit a long-time ago.

Years ago he asked me to take his photograph so he could travel the world in it and I’ve never forgotten this simple but heart-warming wish nor his face.

It’s been always a pleasure to go back and see that he’s well and as open-hearted, cheerful and humble as always – I love to receive one of his paper wrapped fumas, have a little conversation in the back shack, look at what’s cooking in the grill, shake his hand and wish him well.

Indeed his photograph travels the world.

Sometimes the back shack is far more interesting than the front porch …


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