Cuba May 2016 – Cuban Beach On A Sunday

16 Jun

nfc cap

While staying in Playa Larga I happened to spend a Sunday at the PL beach and share it with loads of happy Cuban families, their kids playing on it, loving the smell of BBQ and the happy cries from all over the place coming from old classic cars parked amid the trees and behind the old machine gun nests, reminder of darker days at this beach.

A guy walked over to me and started reciting poetry – nice but a bit too heavy for a sunny beach, other people invited me over to their BBQ’s and all were happy and welcoming.

I spent the afternoon at the beach bar watching the Copa del Rey being played in Madrid and having cold Mojitos with fresh Hierba Buena – guess that left me too numb for the poetry …

A wonderful and relaxing beach day – can’t ask for more.

Happy memories.


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