Cuba 2016 – Cigars With Rocky Patel In Havana

20 Mar

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It is a sign of the changes to come in an evolving political and commercial process that people from the non-Cuban cigar industry start flocking to Cuba. And what better opportunity to see the Cuban cigar scene than being in Havana during the Festival.

Keith had suggested we meet at the Nacional’s historical bar for cigars and drinks and it was there in the small group that I met Rocky Patel.

Andy happened to be smoking one of Hamlet’s Tabaqueros and it caused some good natured fun to have the producer with us and sending Hamlet our best regards and wishes to his new residence while being ourselves in Havana.

After a few drinks we decided to grab a bite to eat and I suggested La Fontana. The place has come back to its former quality and we had a good and lengthy dinner there celebrating Rocky’s birthday while chatting away having the chance to do it in a small and interested group.

We would meet a few times again, looking ( and finding ! ) Diplomaticos Excelencias and to smoke cigars, of course, funny enough at the Partagas lounge where Rocky was very interested in greeting and talking to Hamlet’s friends and colleagues while passing his cigars around.

A very nice and warm gesture from a guy that is genuinely interested in people, respectful of its culture and passionate about cigars, having a great personality and very friendly charisma

It was a pleasure seeing him connect with La China and all the staff at Partagas.

I recommended that he visit my friend Hector Luis and he enjoyed the visit and the man who is equally passionate about tobacco.

The greatest pleasure was sharing cigars and good conversations with Rocky and a few friends at our Casa while smoking some impressive Habanos.

Definitely a very memorable encounter and a great time !




2 Responses to “Cuba 2016 – Cigars With Rocky Patel In Havana”

  1. Bo 18/05/2016 at 21:44 #

    Hi Nino, thank you for the post. Rocky is a true road warrior, traveling year round to promote his cigars. I remember meeting him in a Houston cigar shop back around 2007. I wonder what Rocky was smoking in Havana? Was he smoking his cigars, Cubans, or a mix of both? Thank you.

    • Nino Munoz 18/05/2016 at 22:01 #

      Pleasure Bo,

      Rocky is a great and genuine guy, very pleasant, true gentleman.

      He smoked a mix and was very generous with his cigars.