Cohiba Majestuosos With Andreas

31 Mar


nfc capEven the shittiest of days deserves a good cigar, if only to feel better.

Andreas’s been having some shitty days and I wasn’t feeling too well myself on Saturday evening when we met in the office for a couple of hours of the basic feel-good ingredients: some beer, a bottle of Claret, a bottle of Malt and the Cohiba Majestuosos from the Gala auction humidor.

My throat had been acting up and hurting and the coughing that started in the afternoon was not getting better.

But we had postponed this get-together now a few times so we wanted it to happen.

As to the cigar : Andreas shares my and Frank’s opinion that it is a very good cigar, almost impressive, but nothing to get excited about.
Very mild, grassy with no evident development in its progress. Also, not much hope on further aging improvement as we see it.

Well, what can I say, just happy I didn’t have to pay the sticker price for it …

The Claret was a bit on the plum side with slight aromas of Portuguese cork so we didn’t finish it and decided it should make for a good sauce.

The Bowmore malt though was excellent and good medicine for my sore throat.

Preparing J’s trip over we managed to find Bucanero in Germany.

That, cars and gasoline odours should make him very happy ….


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