Cohiba Lancero Diplomatico 1984 – Dreams of the Fragrant Harbor

13 Apr

Review and pictures courtesy of my friend Michel v. W.

nfc capRecently in Amsterdam a surprise cigar was handed to me with the request to smoke it and to provide my opinion : a 1984 Cohiba Lancero Diplomatico.

Courtesy of Min Ron Nee via my very dear friend Nino Muñoz – a big thank you to both.

The Ashes

Size: Laguito No.1 (38 x 192)

Smoking time: from 12:35 to 14:35 – 2 full hours of smoking pleasure

Location: Kortenhoef, The Netherlands

A cru

Color Claro with a fine wrapper, after all the years there was still sufficient but not abundant oil on the wrapper. The yellow cellophane is testament to the original richness of the cigar.

Sweet aroma of Vanilla and Caramel/Honey is predominant in the smell
After lighting and cutting @ 12:35

coh mvw 02

Lighted the cigar with the cap on, as to minimise combustion. No harshness but it pays to purge, perfect construction, razor sharp burn and excellent draw. The ash has a tendency to fall off the cigar.

A special cigar and it shows in the complex combination of medium/full strength and a full concentrated taste that is always present as soon as you light up.

1st third start @ 12:35 – Creamy and complex; the most prominent taste is a strong mix of earth/toast and woody cedar/oak tobacco, combined with caramel and coffee. On the retrohale the cigar reveals small accents of some spices; black pepper and cinnamon.

coh mvw 03

2nd third start @ 13:20 – Similar, but less earthy and more woody. Also the sweeter caramel and coffee seem to slowly increase in prominence. Retrohale still gives some pepper and cinnamon accents.

coh mvw 04

3rd third start @ 13:55 – Similar, but less earthy and more woody/oak. Also the sweeter caramel gains some and coffee seem to slowly decrease in prominence. Retrohale still gives some pepper accents.

coh mvw 05

Finish @ 14:30 – The finish is good and strong, after some more purging. Strong coffee, earth with some caramel taste.

coh mvw 06


A very good and still a strong concentrated cigar, typical of a well made and well aged Cohiba Linea Clasica .

Verdict 9.25/10

A nice little fact :

These were the first blend of commercially available Cohiba Lanceros.

You can see here Cohiba Lanceros from all generations.
Left to right 70-93, 93-03, 03-14.

coh mvw 01

Michel v. W.

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  1. CUBANO 20/05/2015 at 22:42 #

    Michel, Thanks for the review. I can only dream at smoking a cigar that old.