Christian’s 50th Birthday Weekend – Part Two – The Jane Dinner And MRN Presents

19 Oct

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After the tour of Bruges we returned to our chalet and changed for the reception at Christian’s house and the following dinner.

The reception was a very relaxed affair with excellent catering provided by the Blend brothers.

Christian held a very thoughtful speech reflecting on his 50th birthday and the meaning of having a selection of his friends around. Very touching words.

He had also prepared a wide selection of presents for each person attending, ranging from a picture, fine cigars and choice tea to a flask filled with Oolong gin sour for the upcoming bus ride to Antwerp.

Very fine details by Christian.

We all arrived then at The Jane around 7:30,  a huge former church converted into a food temple, quite fitting as the new religion seems to be hedonism ……

The Jane has a fantastic Michelin stars winning chef who is a close friend of Christian, as stunning and impressive as the restaurant itself. Incredible place. The former altar is now an open kitchen under a giant light sculpture and crowned by a lighted skull.

Just as impressive was the first floor bar and eating area that had been reserved for the 40 large group.

A very good and long dinner of over 6 hrs followed, a tour of gastronomic discoveries and surprises for the palate.

In between we would sneak down to the patio and smoke nicely awaiting the next course.

During my visit last month with Frank in Hong Kong Min Ron Nee had been very pleased with a present and invitation letter that Christian sent to him and had kindly signed 2 boxes specially for Christian’s birthday.

These were handed over by Frank to Christian’s speechless surprise while I handed him 2 vintage bottles of champagne also signed by MRN and dedicated to Christian.

The dinner was fabulous despite the relentless techno music played which I guess I will not get used to, especially not in a restaurant …. guess I might be getting too old for that 🙂

It was past 3 am when we returned to our chalet, happy and relaxed.

A very short night followed as we were picked up early by Christian for breakfast in nearby Sluis, a pretty little city, and a nice cigar in the sun before saying farewell to Christian and all friends.

Another long drive and the pharmacy ANS cigar evening was waiting for me …

I fondly thought of this unforgettable weekend while smoking Christian’s specially banded 50th birthday cigar at the pharmacy.

Thank you Christian !









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