Celebrating Six Years Out With A Great Cigar

1 Sep

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Today it is 6 years that I retired from my job at Lufthansa after almost 7.000 flights and 35 years of having a great time flying around the world.

I celebrate this day remembering an excellent time, great crews I worked with, fantastic destinations and fun layover days with a first class airline I am proud to have been a member of.

These past 6 years have given me a good quality of life, a pause from the hectic flying ‘round & ‘round and the chance to concentrate in truly enjoying people, places & things that are dear to me – like my friends, Cuba, Asia, cigars and many more other things.

I celebrate today by smoking a special cigar.

It’s an “non-existent” X Millennium Doble Corona that I received many years ago from a dear brother and where I happened to celebrate, years later in 2009, the last flight with my crew. A great friend and a place that holds a special memory for me.

So, thank you J-lito and thank you all who have made this transition to retirement possible – this cigar is in your honour.


X – “non-existent” for goofy “bible experts” that is – but an excellent 2 hr smoke in my pub that gave me time to reflect on these very nice years … 🙂

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  1. Oliver 02/09/2015 at 01:27 #

    Congrats, Nino, I know you deserve.