Bangkok – Cigar Statististics And Cigar Stains

27 Jan


nfc capKeeping a diary since I was 17 and writing notes in it every day it’s easy to keep track of all the cigars smoked during a year.

So, just for my own interest, I added up every cigar smoked in 2012 and lo-and-behold, thinking I was smoking only 2 cigars a day I found out that I was actually smoking more than 3 on average each day.

Forgot that being in Cuba for 2 months a year and the warm summer we enjoyed in Germany helped to push up the average, just like last year.

Just like right now here in Thailand – the average is 4 cigars a day in the Cuba-like atmosphere of heat and humidity prevailing here.

Total cigars smoked in 2012 were 1.240 with just 23 being Non-Cuban ( 2 Costa Rican and 21 Nicaraguans ), the rest of 1.217 being Habanos.

This, plus red wine for dinner, coffee etc. leaves stains on my teeth and I visit my dentist twice a year to remove these stains and have my mouth, teeth and palate checked, something I recommend, along with other medical checks to anyone wanting to make sure the pleasures of enjoying cigars stays a safe affair.

I had already been to a good dentist in Bangkok a few years back that my Thai friend Khun Rik had recommended, so I made an appointment through Khun Rik to have my teeth cleaned up again by this friendly and professional gentleman out in Lard Prao district.

Sadly, due to the traffic situation in Bangkok I had to miss that appointment after having my knee checked, as it would have involved a 90 minute drive and the appointment would have been missed.

So I arranged an appointment at the excellent Bumrungrad hospital and had it done there.

A 30 minute affair most professionally performed with ultrasound and highly comfortable – at half the price and half the time it takes to have it done in Germany.


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