Back From Havana – Picture Gallery – Part Two

13 Mar


nfc capHere’s the second part of my 2015 Havana gallery.

Another superb vintage tasting, this time at my Miramar neighbour’s John De Costa’s casa. We smoked 1930’s Partagas Bohemios that were still very much alive and kicking, spicy and impressive.

This was also the venue for John’s Cigar Sanctum launch party – beautiful hand-made Partagas cigar jewellery and all the usual suspects attending.

Yannick passing out Punch ER Suiza prototypes at an Intertabak regional edition tasting in the 5-ta y 16 Casa.

And the same guy passing La Flor de Cano ER’s at the Prado 115 paladar after the Partagas evening event and before we all ended up at Bar Monserrate.

Lunch and tranquillity at hector Luis’ vega.

Simon dancing in the hallway and Andy passing out cigars at the Fox’ evening event on the magnificent La Guarida terrace while Naomi Campbell, Paris Hilton and Kate Moss were having dinner downstairs.

Visiting El Laguito with friends.

Bringing presents and sharing time with the Lung Kong society at the home for the elderly in Havana’s Chinatown.

I had the pleasure of smoking, and presenting, vintage cigars with HE the Chinese ambassador to Cuba, Mr Zhang as well as my good friend Ziqui.
A very relaxed afternoon and a tour d’horizon conversation that marked one of the most interesting days of my trip.


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  1. Keith 17/03/2015 at 02:28 #

    Great update and photos as always, Nino!!!