ANS – Pure Pharmacy Cigar Pleasure

8 Jan


nfc capWe shall fight the pleasure haters on the beaches, the countryside, the airspace and specially in the village pharmacy … and we shall never surrender !!

What ?? !!

No, screw them, that’s for my upcoming essay on Haters and nitpickers of Pleasure,  I’ll have time to  ponder that on the Thai beach while smoking a good cigar sipping Mekhong and lime – if I have a spare thought to waste on it …

This is about us yesterday and here’s a, rather large and blatantly self promotional look at us doing what we do best – have a good time, good face-to-face conversations, smoking good cigars and, generally speaking, or rather eating, debauching on food and spirits.

My Hamlet Flying Pig was too fat, tight and quite chewy, not my fav so far – but the prototype 40 Anniv. H&F Cabeza Tumbada ( resting or laying head ) was superb.

OK, so Andreas found it too floral and perfumed, but who cares after a few special Christmas Weizenbier, excellent Mirabellenbrand, lots of laughter et al ….

It’s better to enjoy and regret than regret not having enjoyed.

So, off to Thailand !





One Response to “ANS – Pure Pharmacy Cigar Pleasure”

  1. Arild 08/01/2013 at 15:42 #

    I agree completely with your statement Nino! Another excellent evening at the Pharmacy with great ingredients and people.

    Hava a nice holiday in Thailand, send a thought to us up here in the ice and snow!