AmiCigar Spirit In The Pharmacy

12 Jun


nfc capContinuing the Dublin spirit of friendship and sharing memorable cigar moments, the ANS we held yesterday was a perfect sample of AmiCigar camaraderie.

With Naka in nearby Cologne I invited him to attend the pharmacy, he agreed, and Rezha from Antwerp’s LCDH also chimed in.

Rezha coming from Antwerp by car gave me the idea of Frank joining the party and finally Guido a friend of Rezha completed the group.

Naka with his wit and humour made sure it was like continuing the party we had just left in Dublin.

Remarkable considering that he had arrived by train from Hamburg only that afternoon and that the Belgian contingent drove 5 hrs to be with us for 2 cigars and drinks before returning that same evening back home.

Great having you here, Naka, Rezha, Frank and Guido !!


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