2002 Steinberger Riesling Spätlese And Pelo de Oro

2 Jul


 nfc capAnother fine Monday for the three of us, Andreas, Hans and me.

Keeping it simple we had a few Roseschorle at the pub with a fine Liga Privada small cigar followed by a Pizza at Vito’s and then we sat around in the courtyard enjoying the mild weather and shooting the breeze on all kind of topics.

The Steinberger Riesling Spätlese from Kloster Eberbach is considered a rarity and highly sought after, being the largest wall-enclosed vineyard in Germany :


Cigar was a Litto Gomez Diaz, Pelo de Oro Doble Corona that had a fantastic aroma and taste while being unusually strong for a Dominican.

The last third became stronger, real powerful and slightly bitter, but a fine looking, well constructed and very good cigar.


Here’s an update on that Litto Diaz I smoked from Tom, a friend from the US who mailed me this anecdote to share here after reading my post :

I still have a Diaz from 2006. Story goes that when Litto was trying them out after they were rolled, that they made him sick to the point of vomiting…TWICE in one day.

I can state emphatically that even today it is the strongest cigar I have encountered in 39 years of smoking cigars.

I will probably keep the one I have left for a few more years before I try it, if my health holds.

Otherwise I will give it away and watch someone else suffer.

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