1985 MRN Bolivar Especiales You-Tube Interview

28 Oct

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I have always enjoyed Salih Dalay’s you tube channel and his relaxed, unorthodox and highly interesting videos, so when he contacted me asking for an interview, I immediately agreed.

But for this interview, being for his newly started Connoisseurs Corner, he wanted a special, rare vintage cigar, so not having cigars in that range himself I volunteered a very special cigar from my collection, the 1985 Bolivar Especiales, from a box gifted to me by my friend Min Ron Nee.

Watch the Video here :

Extremely rare to find, it is estimated that only a handful of these boxes exists worldwide and its only public appearance was at Christie’s back in 1998. A very rare unicorn indeed.

I am grateful to MRN for giving the OK for this as well as a wealth of detailed further information used during the interview – although all errors are mine only.

We decided on a Monday being a quiet day and I arrived well ahead of time to share a good lunch with Salih and change into a proper attire – and then it was action and the fun began !

Really, it was fun that we all had and it was all extremely relaxed and smooth.

After two and a half hours we decided we had enough material and finished – changed back into street-wear and off to have a yummy cheese cake and Saarbrücken’s best coffee around the corner from the Casa in the pedestrian area and a good conversation before heading back home.

I smoked a HdM Pt Robusto at my pub to decompress and wind down and now I look forward anxiously to the end result of a well spent day.


3 Responses to “1985 MRN Bolivar Especiales You-Tube Interview”

  1. Erik 28/10/2015 at 23:25 #

    Cannot wait to see the video! Also a big fan of the Dalay Zigarren YouTube channel, always fun to watch, from their micro-tastings to the Connoisseur Corner, all very entertaining. Must have been an amazing smoke, Nino!

  2. Taqim 29/10/2015 at 16:38 #

    Will the video be in German? (I could subtitle into English). Also, impressed by acknowledgement and level of respect given to MRN – great to see. Can’t wait to watch the video and will subscribe to the channel.


    • Nino Munoz 29/10/2015 at 19:44 #

      Hi Taquim,

      thanks for your input – the video will be in English and out in ca. 4 weeks.
      MRN being such a great and generous friend deserves all the respect apart from being
      the author of the most acknowledged cigar book aka “The Bible” for cigar lovers.

      Stay well & best regards / Nino