2010/05 – Reynaldo in Germany

16 May


reynaldo germany 0510 001
Sign of Quality
reynaldo germany 0510 002
Reynaldo in Germany

Jars in the Office

reynaldo germany 0510 12
Andreas & Portmann 40 Jar

May 2010

While I am fortunate enough to have Andreas & the pharmacy right next door to smoke, there’s an experience I’d love to have more often here in Germany and that is just driving after my gym work-out to meet Reynaldo, the renowned first class roller from Havana’s Hostal Conde de Villanueva, have a good talk, smoke a cigar, grab some Cimarrones and be back home in under half an hour !

reynaldo germany 0510 08
Reynaldo & sweet sticks
reynaldo germany 0510 09
Good to meet up again !
reynaldo germany 0510 10
Reynaldo & his tour “guide” Önder

Reynaldo is back on a tour of Germany, where I first met him in Mainz in 2003.

Since, we have met many times in Havana for cigars, bundles, café & añejo and developed a friendship.

So it was a great pleasure to meet him back on German soil again. It was in a giant shopping mall called LOOP, near Darmstadt that thrives in aeronautical design, lots of airplane models and even original Lufthansa aircraft seats to relax on. Haven’t seen a Mall that gigantic ever since leaving Texas. At least not in Germany.

But you can keep Texas – the good thing about Mall’s in Germany is that the Café’s have …. Smoking sections :- )) So after lunch, I enjoyed a PL PC with coffee and cake in one of the Mall’s Café’s.

reynaldo germany 0510 02
reynaldo germany 0510 01

Reynaldo is enjoying his tour, having been in Düsseldorf with the Benden’s, in the Cologne Casa, and looking forward to see Christine Klever in Nürnberg.

reynaldo germany 0510 03
Reynaldo in his element

He had a gig rolling cigars at a wine estate an hours drive from here, but drinking & driving at night is not my preferred cigar.

So we enjoyed having a good conversation after lunch break and I presented him with a box of fine sweet Swiss “puros” – fantastic Colorado brown sticks from Gottlieben and passed along regards from the Portmann’s .

reynaldo germany 0510 06
Reynaldo at LOOP
reynaldo germany 0510 07
Reynaldo at LOOP

A few days before I had met Andreas to give him his Jar of the Portmann 40 Robustos – nice, his is # 87, mine # 88, I know he’d love that number, but I’m keeping it ………….

reynaldo germany 0510 11
Unwrapping the jar
reynaldo germany 0510 13
I’m keeping mine

Nice, relaxed and long evening in the office smoking good cigars with a bottle of Mackay Whisky that Stephanie was kind enough to bring from the Maldives – salty, peaty, with some traces of volcanic ash.


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