2008/09 – Larry smoking in the village

5 Sep


larrysep08 01
“Stiff Neck” Larry & Andreas
larrysep08 02
Larry & Walter at the Pharmacy Smoke

September 2008

Larry arrived in Frankfurt Wednesday afternoon …. and brought “English” weather with him, really, we had nice, sunny weather up until that morning, then it started raining…. well, maybe it wasn’t British rain but hurricane Gustav tracking him ….

We had a few moments home, then he had some chiropractic help for his neck at the pharmacy by Andreas which really did help … before we went off for coffee, a sandwich and a Panatela.

Then it was time for a nice and very filling dinner at Massimo’s with Gabriel and Don Walter, fantastic seafood appetizer and great steaks, wine, beer and Grappa, we smoked Cuabas EL 08, LGC MdO ’98, Reynaldos Salomones and Punch Ninfas  – before we retired to the pharmacy for a very private “pre-pharmacy-smoke” filled with good cigars, beer, chocolate schnaps and some insightful discussion on local, regional and global politics plus economics plus jokes plus bullshitting.

Weather was not really conductive for a planned Rhine river cruise, so we drove to Worms and had lunch by the Rhine river at Kolb’s Biergarten and enjoyed some “home cooking” and great hospitality.

Thursday we had the big pharmacy smoke with many people attending and enjoying a great time.

Larry found a friend for life in Rigo, the manager of the projected LCdH in Frankfurt and it was good to see Cubans and Americans sharing the pleasures of the good life.

Walter again surprised us with some excellent ( and discontinued ) Partagas Lonsdales.

On Friday Larry left for London and back to the US while we headed for Spain.

Here’s some pictures of the events for you all to share.

larrysep08 03
Larry in the pharmacy
larrysep08 04
Getting treated
larrysep08 05
Feelin’ better
larrysep08 07
Walter & Ninfas
larrysep08 08


larrysep08 06
Gabriel joins up
larrysep08 09
Reynaldo Salomones
larrysep08 12
larrysep08 13
Steel & Iron
larrysep08 11
Chocolate Schnapps


larrysep08 15
Kolb’s Biergarten Worms
 larrysep08 16
larrysep08 14
Lunch at Kolb’s
larrysep08 17
larrysep08 19
Decapitating Champagne


larrysep08 20
Well done
larrysep08 21
Larry & Rigo
larrysep08 18
Cigars unite people
larrysep08 22
Having fun in the pharmacy


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