2007/08 – International Pharmacy Again

15 Aug


Welcome to Europe !
Tourists in Rheinhessen
Smoking in the old Lab
August 2007

Once again we had International visitors in the village – Larry and Elyse decided to start their European vacation  with us.

They enjoyed a sunny day in Rheinhessen, lucky them, as we’ve had a very lousy summer.

After a nap and some ice cream, it was time for a get-together and we enjoyed a great al fresco dinner in the courtyard of the B&B they were staying.

Cigars were quite good, Ricci’s Laguito Nr 2, RASS from 2005 and LGC MdO 2 from 1998 – although Larry again got Fidel’s middle finger when trying the delicious LGC – looks like he gets no love from the Maximo Lider …………..

Larry gave each of us some fantastic cigars, plus a beautiful El Casco gold plated Cigar Cutter to this humble reporter.

Andreas was the extremely happy recipient of a Partagas X Tienda Aniv. Salomones which impressed him immensely.

We retired to the pharmacy after dinner for more cigars, beer, rum, lots of laughs and a very good time.

Next day, after coffee at the pharmacy and a bit of vineyard sightseeing I drove them to Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, very much in the middle of nowhere and nowhere near Frankfurt, from where they took off for a real vacation in lovely Bella Italia.

Have a great vacation, come back safely and enjoy the time !!


Here’s some pictures :

Andreas & Larry
A happy group of tourists & locals
Explaining a MZ Bike
Andreas in his best “I can’t believe it” face
Nice Salomones


Larry & Gabriel in the old Lab
Nice Old Bottles and Jars
Andreas Close Up


In the Vineyards of Rheinhessen


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