2012/06 – RA Phoenicia 32

24 Jun


ra phoenicia 0612 01


June 2012

To be honest, I am not sure whether it was a Phoenicia 32 or a 30 – might have been a 30 for all I care, Phoenicia ER Lebanon it was for sure.

We had just arrived¬† from Venice with a 5 hr delay due to a strike by Italian ground handling staff and I had missed the first half of the Germany-Greece quarter finals at my Irish pub, so after dropping Inge at home I went down to Massimo’s trattoria to meet Bernhard and Andreas there and watch the second half with them.

Good match for Germany and lots of fun as usual.

Bernhard offered a box of Phoenicias and the cigar was very good, creamy and lot’s of good smoke.

Good to be home !


All pictures taken by Andrea’s iPhone

ra phoenicia 0612 02
Choosing carefully
ra phoenicia 0612 03
Grabbing blindly
ra phoenicia 0612 04
Doing the scissor twist
ra phoenicia 0612 05
Brightest candle in town, Bernhard
ra phoenicia 0612 06
Leading 2-1
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