2012/02 – Off to Cuba … again

15 Feb


off to cuba again 0212 04
There’s peace in a cigar

If I had known about the cold wave that has hit us for weeks with freezing temps of down to minus 18, I’d have booked the flight earlier ….

I’ll be back in Cuba for a few weeks of sun, rum and cigars. Meeting good friends, both Cubans and from all over the world visiting Havana for the Festival.

Some of the planned activities are spectacular.

Nothing official, just private meetings, tastings and visits to good Paladares….. and picking up my Partagas jar.

Don’t expect to read anything before late March – another bonus of being in Havana : No mobile, no Internet, no stress, just good old fashioned passing the time with a cigar.


off to cuba again 0212 01
There’s friendship in a cigar
off to cuba again 0212 02
There’s reflection in a cigar
off to cuba again 0212 03
There is camaderie in a cigar
el palenque foto andy ryan
There’s communication in a cigar¬†– Photo by Andy Ryan
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