2010/12 – Singapore – Smoking With The Humble Dogs

11 Dec


sin humble dogs 1110 01
Monty & Jimmy with Pancho Cuba cigars
sin humble dogs 1110 02
Kurt & Eddie at Jimmy’s with Pancho Cuba cigars

December 2010

While in Singapore, Jimmy introduced me to the “Humble Dogs” – an easygoing group of cigar smokers who take being relaxedly serious about their cigars to a new level.

Founded in 2010 in Havana/Cuba, the Humble Dogs are basically about friendship, camaraderie and the enjoyment of fine cigars.

Their “muse” is :

“There is nothing wrong with using a cigar as a tool to epitomize class. Nevertheless there is no need to flaunt the extravagance of smoking cigars either. If you can do away with the image and want to just embrace the essence of the cigar experience, the Humbledogs warmly welcome you.

But please excuse our appearance, as we will greet you in our t-shirts, shorts and rubber slippers.

My kind of guys !

They will fly up to Phuket for a week-end of cigar pleasure and think nothing of taking 450 sticks for the event – my kind of guys !

Read the interesting story of their “birth” on their site :


It was a great pleasure to share some hours with these fine gentlemen of the leaf and get to know Monty, Kurt and Eddie while smoking most exclusive cigars courtesy of Jimmy who in his capacity as an experienced smoker, collector and merchant is a sort of mentor and guide to them.

Some pictures of the very pleasant afternoon spent with Jimmy & The Humble Dogs.


sin humble dogs 1110 03
Jimmy & Kurt
sin humble dogs 1110 04
Kurt & Eddie
sin humble dogs 1110 05
Glendronach 18 Oloroso Cask
sin humble dogs 1110 06
Jimmy’s offering
sin humble dogs 1110 07
Nosing by an expert


sin humble dogs 1110 08
Sharing pleasures
sin humble dogs 1110 09
Happy moments
sin humble dogs 1110 10
Happy moments


sin humble dogs 1110 11
La Corona “Half-A-Corona”
sin humble dogs 1110 12
La Corona “Half-A-Corona”
sin humble dogs 1110 13
La Corona “Half-A-Corona”
sin humble dogs 1110 14
La Corona “Half-A-Corona”
sin humble dogs 1110 15
La Corona “Half-A-Corona”
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