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Keeping It Simple – Cuba November 2019

5 Dec

The more I travel to Cuba the more I concentrate on things, places, friends and experiences that are important to me now that I’ve seen enough to evaluate what is and is not of interest. There’s a saying in Spanish : A veces perdiendo se gana …. As a good friend was not able to Read more…

Cuba May 2019 – Visiting the Farms Or Back To The Roots

9 Jun

The cover picture of this report means a lot to me. It is from February 2010 and we had just arrived at Pancho Cuba’s tobacco farm an hour after a torrential rainstorm and strong wind gusts had destroyed most of the Tapado or covered wrapper harvest crop. The guajiros were desperate, the harvest was basically Read more…

Cuba 2018 – Cigars, Scissors And Horses With Our US Friends

8 Mar

It has become a tradition for Ed & Ed and Charlie and Jody to meet in Havana every February for a few days of good fun, cigars, interesting visits and interaction with our Cuban friends. Once again they had rented a fantastic Casa particular in the same Miramar area I stay and we had memorable Read more…

Havana In Winter – Part Three – Cigars, Hector And The Vatican

21 Dec

Christian had left without being able to visit the Vatican as, due to some dumbass posting stupid comments on Facebook regarding the Talismanes release in London a week earlier, all visits there were cancelled and the saints had to pay for the sinners …. I never cease to be amazed by the stupidity of some Read more…

Visiting Hector Luis And A Great Harvest

9 Jun

Already during my last visit in March to Hector Luis’ farm most of the tobacco harvest was in the curing barns. Some was still left to grow and show the tour groups when we visited him in May but surprisingly we were the only visitors except for another small group which gave us the chance Read more…

Havana, Cuba May 2017 – Anthony’s Picture Gallery

28 May

Anthony and Meagan shared 5 days of my trip and some of the best experiences and cigars in Havana and the Vuelta Abajo. Here is a gallery of pictures that Anthony took and kindly sent me for posting. Enjoy ! Nino

Havana, Cuba May 2017 – Picture Gallery Two

27 May

A few weeks in Havana again to meet old friends and make new friends, smoke good cigars, have good fun and enjoy being in the island again. Here is the second gallery of pictures from my trip. More detailed posts of the experiences will come in the next days, like visiting La Corona and El Read more…