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2010/03 – XII Festival del Habano – Valerios Pasta Dinner

12 Mar

  Valerio serving delicious homemade Pasta in Cuba Life can be so simple – Bruschetta, Farfalle, Champagne & Cigars Valerio at home Valerio’s Pasta Dinner A very unique experience to enjoy homemade Pasta from Mr Valerio Cornale, a superb chef and respected vendor ( LCDH Cayman Islands) in very casual and relaxed atmosphere. A privilege Read more…

2010/03 – XII Festival del Habano – RyJ Royal Duke Tasting

11 Mar

  Part of the great tasting panel – Alex, Simon, Valerio, Olga, Colin, Ralf Very early 60’s RyJ Royal Duke – courtesy of Alex Iapichino RyJ Royal Duke RyJ Royal Duke Tasting courtesy of Alex Iapichino A tradition by now – the private tasting organized in La Habana by Alex Iapichino. He is the organizer Read more…

2009/03 – XI FdH – Partagas Vertical Tasting

7 Mar

  Alex Iapichino & Simon Chase at Partagas factory – Salon de Protocol 1998 & 2008 8-9-8 Urs Portmann überreicht Alex Iapichino ein persönliches Buch zum Festival 2008 Urs Portmann presents Alex Iapichino with a personal book on last year’s Festival Vertical Tasting Partagas 8-9-8 Von  Zigarrensammler und gutem Freund Alex Iapichino wieder privat organisiert, war es, nach unserem Read more…