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John DeCosta’s Cigar Sanctum Havana Party

22 Mar

Especially on days like this here in Germany with snow, gray skies and bitter cold I like to watch the clip I made during John DeCosta’s fantastic Cigar Sanctum party at my favourite Havana hang-out Espacios in Miramar. It brings back great memories of absolutely the best cigar party during the Festival week. It was Read more…

Cigar Sanctum Party In Havana

15 Dec

  A small gathering of the usual suspects at John DeCosta’s palatial Casa in Miramar – we happened to be neighbours, so we met a few more times. Great fun, yummy snacks by Espacios, good cigars,  everyone brought some excellent rum along plus the chance to meet and greet some of the Havana regulars. Changed into Read more…

Cigar Sanctum Launch – Havana, Espacios

21 Mar

  I met the genial John DeCosta last year at a small and intimate dinner in Havana at La Guarida with Stephan von Schilling, Simon Chase and other good friends. Very interesting background and lifestyle, quite fascinated listening to him and so I was very happy and honoured to recently receive his invitation to the Read more…