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Almost Back To Normal – Except For The Masks – At Chateau Henri LCDH Cologne

1 Jul

Last time Frank, Jay and I met in Cologne at the LCDH for cigars was in February. In the meantime I was supposed to have flown to Havana and back, visited northern Italy and Spain and we would have met again a few times – all cancelled due to “stay at home and be safe” Read more…

Extraordinary Especiales Tasting In Cologne

4 Feb

It was time again to meet up with Frank at the LCDH in Cologne and he invited Jan who invited Michel and I took Andreas along to make it a round-table affair. Of course each of us took cigars to share with the others – I knew Michel was having a good surprise in store Read more…

Rafael Gonzalez in Cologne

5 Feb

 What an incredible mild Winter we are having – even the higher altitudes forests are devoid of snow as we sped through the Hunsrück region aka German Siberia and it was still 3 C. Speeding is right, as we did the 200 km ride in hardly 90 minutes and even faster on return. Having Andreas Read more…