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Back From Havana – Picture Gallery – Part Two

13 Mar

  Here’s the second part of my 2015 Havana gallery. Another superb vintage tasting, this time at my Miramar neighbour’s John De Costa’s casa. We smoked 1930’s Partagas Bohemios that were still very much alive and kicking, spicy and impressive. This was also the venue for John’s Cigar Sanctum launch party – beautiful hand-made Partagas Read more…

Office Cigars In Havana

19 Dec

  While in Havana we were fortunate to drop by some of the most important factories regularly and share time, cafecitos and cigars with the directors. A very relaxed time and the chance to shoot the breeze on all topics. Just as relaxed as smoking the morning cigar with Yannick after breakfast in the patio Read more…

Harley Davidson Roar At El Laguito

6 Dec

    What a day of thunder¬†!! We happened to arrive at El Laguito early to have a cafecito with Jose, the director, when we became part of the excitement of having 20 Harley Davidson enthusiasts and cigar smokers from Switzerland driving into El Laguito and giving the rollers and staff a joyride on their Read more…

Cuba 2014 – A Picture Gallery by Horst And Christof – Part One

3 Apr

  Here’s the view on things, events and excursions from two of the members of the Portmann group with us on our last trip. Both of them very professional photographers and always good for a laugh and any fun event. It is thanks to them that I have a good pictorial archive of the trip Read more…

Visiting EL Laguito

2 Dec

  Thanks to Vitaliy we had the chance to meet and talk with Mr Jose Martinez, the current director of El Laguito, a very friendly and dedicated man. We were also offered a tour of the factory, specially attractive being in such a small group. ¬† Nino  

Havana – Factory Visits To H.Upmann And El Laguito

26 Mar

  While Frank got to visit three factories in Havana ( he also went to tour the La Corona factory ), I only joined the group for a tour of H.Upmann and El Laguito as I wanted to greet friends there and had only limited time. Touring H.Upmann I can not get over the fact Read more…

Visiting El Laguito

17 Dec

  A few pictures of a visit with our Australian, Canadian and German friends to El Laguito. Interesting as always. Should these visits be no longer be possible in the future it would be a huge blow to seriously interested Aficionados. We all were happy to have had the opportunity thanks to Rob Ayala. Update Read more…