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2011/12 – Havana : Chinese Lunch

2 Dec

  Havana Chinatown   Dec. 2011 Just a few pictures from a very genuine Chinese lunch I was invited to attend by my Cuban friends Y and S. Having eaten many times in China I can vouch for the authenticity – all the other 98 % of the guests were Chinese and it really was Read more…

2011/11 – Havana : Smoking with North-Koreans & Out-faked Chinese

28 Nov

  Snacks and cigars with North-Koreans The delegates march off with their faked boxes Nov. 2011 One of the interesting features of my Hotel ( perhaps the only one ) was the mixed clientele it had. From Aeroflot crews to Haitian refugees, from Eastern Europeans to Quebecois, from German language students to foreign businessmen. So Read more…