Yellow To Rouge And Sausage To Pizza

28 May


nfc capWe enjoyed a great and fascinating Champions League final last Saturday at Andy’s Irish pub in the village with friends, all decked out in Yellow & Black for Borussia and suffered their loss – what a magnificent team and a great match we watched, pure football, no respite, all adrenaline.

One of the best I’ve watched.

Andy put out the grill and we ate the best Bratwürste – right from the Eichenhof farm just outside our village, washed down with Roseschorle.

Then it was Monday again and we finally had some milder weather that allowed us to dine outside at Vito’s for once.

After the pizza the three of us moved into the lab for another shoot-the-crap “Bottle” Monday – this time a ’02 Bordeaux Cht Le Bosq and a ’05 Bourgogne Pommard Clos des Ursulines. Tough choice – I preferred the Pommard over the St Estephe.

Cigars were Lanceros and then a Por Larrañaga ER Alemania, extremely tasty, rich.



2 Responses to “Yellow To Rouge And Sausage To Pizza”

  1. Keith 17/06/2013 at 01:39 #

    “It looks like November in Havana with these two buddies plus the Canucks will be extremely tough as both Hans and Andreas have decided to join me there….”

    Looks like I need to learn me some German!!!!

    • Nino Munoz 21/06/2013 at 10:49 #

      No worries Keith, we’ll get along fine in broken English after a few bottles of Mulata … 🙂