The Dutch Pharmacy Cigar Night

15 May

nfc cap

If the pharmacy cigar evening falls on a Fridayย  night we get many friends over to celebrate and share with us.

This time we had Jan and Thomas from the Netherlands over and it was a blast.

They arrived early enough at noon so we had a long and good lunch at Cafe Fritz ( our local Fritz Carlton ) where they were staying overnight, before I took them for a ride and a tour of the local wine area.

We started at Weinmann where we all bought some excellent ( they have received an award for third best Riesling in the World ) whites, myself 4 bottles to take to Havana ( if weight permits ) and share with David, Deb and Laura there at Santy’s.

Then we continued up to the Wissberg Golf Club and back down again to have an hour long wine tasting at Bรถhm’s.

Some 6 cases of wine were bought all-together. Happy Campers.

By 4 PM it was time to sit down at the pub and relax over a good cigar – Beware : by that time we already had smoked a CR Robusto and a great RA 898 vintage cigar …

So off they went smoking a very special CR and me a vintage Partagas Lusitania … could think of worse times … ๐Ÿ™‚

Loads of good conversations about the usual suspects and before we noticed it was 6:30 PM and time to move our asses over to the pharmacy.

Presents were exchanged. Andrea’s received a “Schiffchen” cap of the RNLAF while I was honoured with a dress uniform RNLAF cap … which fits a midget I guess, Thomas not having asked for my ring size … I wore the largest uniform cap at Lufthansa at 62 RG ๐Ÿ™‚

Aw, forget the cap – the Dutch cheese was more like it. A load of Edamer and a bunch of Old Amsterdam, plus some really nose & brain clearing Mustard … divine ! Thanks guys !!

Nothing much to tell about our regular ANS – same lab & fun, different day.

As usual we had good friends, good conversations, some great cigars ( Trinidad, CR Robustos ) and some below average ones ( the RA Phoenicia 35 was a wind tunnel and 2 out of 3 HdM DC I provided were meh… ).
But then we had some great MC 1 and SP’s and couple that with fun, Romanian Alexandrion rocket fuel and … hey … you get wings and fly ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, it was me who took off by 11 PM while my Dutch companions decided to get it all for the money and left the lab at 04:30 …

Oh well, our hangover’s were mutual next morning by 10 AM when I picked them up for a long and good breakfast at my Cafe plus some … uhmmm, local pick up of a different sort ๐Ÿ™‚

But, hey, what did the lil’ mouse say to the elephant while having sex … suffer babe !!

The custom rolled Salomones were just perfectly creamy and mild for a breakfast cigar. No suffering here.

So we drove over to Mommenheim Golf course for a last cigar and a chat with the other Dutch cheese-head Josef and then…. suddenly …

…. it became very quiet and my Dutchies were gone home and I missed them.

Thanks guys – be back anytime … !!

Aw … forgot :

Will have to spend a week soon showing one of them Dutchies around in that place where the rum flows, the sun shines and the cigars are rolled on virgin thighs …

Suffer babe ๐Ÿ™‚


















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