Tattoos And Cigars

6 May

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Back to Saarbr├╝cken again.

Not just for cigars this time but to refresh and re-do my old Stones tattoo that I wear on my right ankle.

It’s 40 years old and has lost almost all its colour. Faded away literally.

I had it done as I like Rock & Roll and the Stones, but mostly because the tongue represents my “stuff it” attitude to any kind of authority.

So I wanted to refresh the colour anyway and then I stumbled on the tongue with the Cuban flag colours ….

What better than to have that added as the island means a lot to me….

Having lunch this week with Salih I noticed a young and very good tattoo artist there, Will Body Art, and asked if he could do the job – no problem he said and I got an appointment quickly.

I drove there today, sunny and beautiful at 26 C, had a cigar at Salih’s and a stroll through the old quarter, always nice and particularly so today as I had Mareike with me for a nice hour long chat on flying, cigars and Cuba. Really interesting.

Will took an hour to completely re-do the tattoo and I sure clenched my teeth as it hurt like hell. I am sure they were listening to my cursing scream in Havana.

The ankle is just skin and bone, no flesh so the needle really digs in deep there….

But in the end it was more than worth the pain and I am quite happy with the job done.

I took a tasty Chicken-Bacon-Avocado Burger home to the Irish pub and enjoyed my new tattoo with a fine CR Robusto after dinner.

Taking this tattoo home to Cuba soon – happy !


One Response to “Tattoos And Cigars”

  1. Jordan 13/05/2016 at 18:07 #

    Very cool tattoo! Glad that you got it freshened up – it looks great with the new colors. Definitely shows how passionate you are about Cuba.