Sun, Steaks, And Avo Legacy

26 Apr


nfc capA fantastic sunny day, great weather, finally hot sun, a hint of summer, an open air Alsatian restaurant in a small hamlet next to the village, friends and a box of good cigars – what more can you ask for ?

Stefan, one of the friends smoking at the pharmacy, is a fan of Avo Uvezian cigars.

I have a box of almost 10 year old Avo Legacy cigars I bought in April 2004 – my only and last box of Non Cuban cigars in my cigar collection, so I offered to break it open and smoke them.

Made reservations at Herve for steaks yesterday and the weather was with us.

Also with us was Reiner recovering from his surgery and our wives.

It was a long evening outside, enjoying the hot atmosphere and the dark blue nightfall outside.

After a Siglo I and some hors d’ouvre we dug into the wonderful tender steaks washed down with a chewy dry French red – delicious dinner as always.

Then the box was passed around and the cigars lighted.

I must admit I am quite reassured by my storage methods – again – as the box has been in my airtight metal lockers for almost 10 years now and the cigars were in optimum condition for smoking after taking them out earlier that morning.

The Avo Legacy was perfectly made, a masterpiece compared to the sometimes erratic Cuban rolling quality, as was to be expected.

Perfect draw, burn, ash, everything perfect.

My first Non Cuban this year and one of the few NC’s I smoke – last year I only smoked 30 NC’s out of almost 1.400 cigars, so 99% Cuban for me.

I enjoyed the creaminess and mild consistency of the Avo but missed the aromas, the complexity and the changing phases of a Habano.

All in all a very good cigar.

Would I pay 11 € ( the price back in 2004 ) for this cigar again ? I guess not for a Dominican cigar, with all due respect for this quality.

I do believe Habanos are superior and suit my taste better, but that is just my very personal opinion.
Would I repeat the evening and my beloved Crème brulee – most certainly !



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