Suckling Pig At The Golf Course

16 Sep


nfc capThe day started with Zappa sober and it ended with Zappa half drunk.

My buddy Rico Suave from Austin, Tx sent me a feel good music clip by The Mothers of Invention at noon – Orange County Lumber Truck – and we ended the night at the pub with Bobby Brown.

In between we had great fun, a lovely view over the Domtal Golf course in Mommenheim.

and a fantastic and very delicious suckling pig dinner – even watching Borussia Dortmund trash Hamburg live on Sky.

It was the second annual suckling pig we had and we are thinking of adding a lamb dinner in winter as well – Josef is looking into that.

Josef, our Dutch friend and cook at the golf course restaurant as well as Jupp, the friendly and most generous owner of the place shared our company and partitioned the restaurant so we could have a smoking section.

Great service indeed !

Cigars were great and varied, apart from the Bossner bling stick we started the afternoon with.

Stefan, who joined the ANS gang exactly last year after approaching us at the first dinner there, came and brought a Magnum of decent Italian red to celebrate.

Looks like he hasn’t regretted meeting a bunch of crazy guys smoking in a pharmacy …

Andreas, Bernhard and I finished around midnight having some crazy stuff like Polderbitter ( whatever THAT is ), Mariacron, Underberg and a few Roseschorles at Cafe Fritz with Richard.

Lotte, the dog, decided it was safer in the trunk of the Alfa …

Sleep was good.



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