Spain Trip 2016 Part One – Madrid And The Mediterranean

11 Oct

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Well, actually it was just Madrid with a mad dash in-between down the Motorway 1.000 km to the Med and back next day.

I landed in a very hot and sunny Madrid and after a few beers and cigars with my uncle and a good home cooked dinner by my aunt and some sleep, it was cafe con leche and a cigar early the next day and by 4 pm I was overlooking the Mediterranean from my hotel terrace.

Good dinner there and a very sweet “home-made” rum by Domingo with my Bolivar.

The next day I visited Diego at his Cava.

I got some smaller cigars before the signing of paperwork at the Notary’s office, the whole purpose of the trip, and back to Madrid in time for dinner.

The next day I walked around down-town Madrid all day visiting my favourite Estancos, stopping first at Cava de Cisneros and buying a beautiful RASS from owner Jesus that I’d smoke at a nearby terrace enjoying the glorious sun.

Next stop was nearby at Cava Magallanes for a BBF that received the same sunny fate. NC’s are getting more and more popular in Spain and it was no surprise to see a Macanudo roller on tour at their Cava.

I then walked down Fuencarral St. to the Gran Via to get me some books and stopped for an aperitif to greet Javi, Perico and Nines at Casa Perico, my Madrid eating place for decades now.

It was such a pleasure to be back !

Perico is also retired by now but has a regular day to meet with his friends, have lunch and play cards every Thursday so I was lucky enough to greet and share time with him.

Lunch was light, a delicious fresh fried fish, salad and a mouth melting Arroz con Leche, the best I’ve had.

I continued my walk around central Madrid and Plaza de Santa Ana was obviously a mandatory stop. It was so hot I chose a shady side alley for my after lunch BBF.

After a good rest it was off to Bilbao for the week-end. A city I had not re-visited since I left more than 40 years ago.

Interesting travel down memory lane for me …


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