Smoking In The New Normal – ANS – Pharmacy Herf August 2020

10 Aug

I hadn’t been to Frankfurt airport since last November, so picking up John there was a shock, a kick in the gut. The terminal was empty and resembled more of a ghost town than what I had in mind – one of Europe’s busiest airports…

It was sad to see and would have added more blues and depression to my state of mind had it not been for us gathering again for a cigar weekend in the village.

John was the first to arrive. We drove to Wörrstadt and were not keen on leaving the air-conditioned car as the heat was brutal – a heat-wave with temps of 36 that day and even higher coming days…

Even John learned to appreciate drinking Roseschorle …. 🙂

It was dinner and two cigars with a wee bit of rum on a breezeless terrace..

Next morning, after a great breakfast at Mrs. Mussel it was off to the Rhine river at Nierstein looking for some cool breeze – there was none.

Coffee and a cigar at Jordans’s Untermühle and back to the village as Jack and Jay had arrived.

Being a Friday and Cafe Fritz being open it was seafood lunch there with Andreas the pharmacist joining us for lunch and a cigar.

We had our ANS alternative planned and would basically play it by ear – which was easy to do due to the heat. Iced coffee and back to the Mussel winery for Schorle, cigars, shade and good conversations.

Dinner was at a local Italian restaurant and we were joined by Ute and Patricia. They also joined us back at the winery for more cigars and some heavier alcoholic content drinking …. paired to a MC 80 among other cigars.

Another great breakfast in the cool basement and it was off to Kaiserslautern or K-town as it is known.

Having left my Panama hat in Havana last trip thinking I was coming back soon enough, I needed a new hat. A nice natural straw Stetson was found in K-town.

Nicole Kitzmann of the LCDH had reserved a table for us and we spent some hours there, smoking good cigars, listening to bad street musicians and having a seafood snack. No sense in doing a lot in 38C heat.

Except to drive back to the winery and rinse & repeat until it was time to have dinner at another winery nearby.

At Weingut Pfennig’s Marlene’s Gutsschänke we had an excellent local dinner with some fantastic Sauvignon Blanc Brut bubbly from the winery that was just as good as anything French Champagne.

Which led to us make plans for next year’s cigar meeting – being in the centre of Europe a trip to the Champagne is just a couple of hours as is a trip to Colmar, Strasbourg, Baden-Baden, Heidelberg or Switzerland …

Lots of good places to choose from.

And we found the elusive driftwood, which by all accounts can be found in some cigars ….

Back to the winery for more cigars, Schorle and spirits.

Sunday came and no respite from the heat. Best place was the cool shade for a morning cigar, after that it was pure suffering …

But the three days were over and we had to says good bye much too soon.

The “new normal” is not pleasant at all – but it can be managed and happy we were able to meet again and enjoy cigars despite the current situation.




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