Second Edition Details And Pictures By Gino Mr Japan

2 Nov

nfc capJust received this update by my friend Gino Mr Japan who is currently enjoying a few days with the author in Hong Kong :

I am in Hong Kong and I like to share some important news about the second edition of the Encyclopaedia.

The delay is due to several factors that the author did not like, the main are :

1) Instead of 6 volumes x 400 pages there will be 2 volumes in a slip case each volume containing 200 pages.

So total are 12 volumes x 200 pages that will be easier to consult.

The presentation will be exactly the same.

2) Believe or not the outside of each volume will be cloth bound and it’s also water proof ….. actually it’s been tested also as champagne proof by myself 🙂

3) There is a piece of thick nylon cloth glued totally between the hard cover and the double reinforced Smyth-sewn main book block, making the joining impossible to break apart.

4) When the book is open the double pages can be open totally flat to enjoy better reading and photos.

5) The bamboo bookcase will be totally colour matched.

Of course to inform myself about all the above details I had to sit and enjoy sipping some Veuve Cliquot Rose from 1985 … some Gosset 1999 …. Riesling Dr Loosen 2005 … and a few sticks of vintage cigars as you can see.

The party still goes on.



3 Responses to “Second Edition Details And Pictures By Gino Mr Japan”

  1. Lisa Rotenberg 02/11/2014 at 17:38 #

    Congratulations on making it to second base! Miss you on the forum. Looking forward to seeing photos of this edition. I just have one question. Yes, it is champagne proof. Fine and dandy. But it is dog lick proof?



    • Nino Munoz 02/11/2014 at 22:13 #

      Hi Lisa, good to hear from you !

      You won’t see me on forums, been there, got the tee ( I’d rather have your dog tee … )


      As for your question : Ha ! I am sure it’s pet-proof.
      The cats around that living space in HK are very curious and I am sure
      they’ve “tried” the book.

      Not sure about it being “Blue” proof, but he loks like a lovely dog who won’t do no harm.
      Love seeing your pics of him around the house !

      Best regards to the cold north – Nino

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