Rob Ayala and the Australians in Havana

16 Dec


nfc capA true hermano to his Cuban friends and a great mate to all others, Rob Ayala, through his charisma, spirit, joviality and hospitality, left a big mark on all who had the chance to spend time in Havana with him and enjoy his company.

Along with an enthusiastic group of mates like the winemaker Gary Farr, the genial Rob C., the funny spirited Nate and the Nicaraguan charity founder Rob S., he not only lived high and hard during those Havana days, but took everyone else in the Canadian and German groups alongside to unforgettable experiences.

Another Rob, Rob Fox from Ireland, joined the show as well, providing an impressive box of vintage Montecristo Especiales and Irish single malt for a long and relaxed tasting at aussie Rob’s villa.

It was a privilege to be with you and your group, Rob.


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