Quiet first weeks in Havana

15 Dec


nfc capSome notes about my first weeks in late October, early November in Cuba.

I arrived in Havana the day hurricane Sandy left the southern coast of Cuba after wreaking havoc there to continue the havoc on the eastern seaboard of the US – news that didn’t reach me, just like the news of Obama’s re-election only reached me 2 days after the event, although I was barely a 100 miles away. Not that I missed not being “connected”.

The first week was quite windy and cool with high seas that made relaxing days at the beach in Tarara almost impossible.

Renzo would cook his Pasta and refine it with home-made Pesto and lobster and we would basically just be busy with the rental car’s troubles or finding a better casa to stay.

Then another group of Renzo’s Italian friends arrived, Fabio and Mauro, the weather improved and we would spend more time on the beach with our Cuban life-guard friends – who were just as amused as we were watching the European tourist perform Yoga (and other more intimate exercises) in public for her Cuban boy-friend… or the German tourist walking around the beach in dental floss swim-gear ( not a picture I like to post).

I’d spend time reading the four-page black & white Granma party newspaper or taking notes on my experiences, only being interrupted by my landlady’s offer to read the official Gazette containing the new passport regulations for Cubans.

An easy and relaxing way to spend the time which only changed dramatically when all the international friends started to arrive and I got into the serious cigar, buddies and rum part of my trip …




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